How Do I Become an Equipment Appraiser?

D. Nelson

To become an equipment appraiser, it may be necessary to earn a degree in a field such as engineering or finance. Some of the most proficient equipment appraisers have experience in both financial fields and particular industries. For example, an appraiser who specializes in the valuation of medical equipment might benefit from a background in selling, designing, or repairing technology used in medical contexts. This same professional, however, may also have experience in a field such as financial management. Once you have received an education that can help you to become an equipment appraiser, you may also benefit from earning certification from a group such as the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers.

Equipment appraisers are able to determine the value of many types of machinery.
Equipment appraisers are able to determine the value of many types of machinery.

An equipment appraiser is a professional who specializes in determining the value of equipment. He or she might consider factors such as the quality of equipment, its age, and its role in daily operations. Business managers use equipment appraisals when they are trying to determine the overall value of their companies. Appraisers are often hired by managers who are selling or merging their businesses or who need to earn lines of credit based on values of their assets.

No particular degree is necessary to become an equipment appraiser. At the same time, many individuals in this field have a strong understanding of subjects such as engineering and finance. Appraisal firms often choose to hire job applicants who do have some formal academic training, as well, and these credentials can help to distinguish your application from those that are wholly based in experience.

After acquiring a relevant education, it might be necessary to take an entry level position in the industry for which you would like to become an equipment appraiser. Individuals who are interested in the appraisal of construction equipment may want to find positions in companies that manufacture, sell, or lease this kind of technology. This is a great way to learn how the value of equipment is determined. Insider knowledge of this kind is a valuable asset for aspiring appraisers.

In many areas, there are associations that offer professional certification to equipment appraisers. To earn certification, it might be necessary to take several courses and to pass a proficiency exam. By earning certification from a nationally or internationally recognized association, you can make yourself a more appealing job candidate to appraisal firms. Many associations also publish directories that list the names and contact information of all their certified members. Business managers who are seeking equipment appraisers may use these directories to find qualified professionals in their area.

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