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How Do I Become an Electrician Trainee?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

In order to become a journeyman electrician who can work independently, you will first need to become an electrician trainee so you can learn the skills necessary to be successful in the position. If you want to pursue such a course, you will first need to graduate from high school or earn an equivalent qualification, as you will need to demonstrate basic to moderate math and science skills. You will also need to develop adequate communications skills if you want to become an electrician trainee. Begin by researching programs at vocational schools, labor unions, and private companies.

The way in which you choose to pursue your career will often dictate which steps you must take. In other words, if you become an electrician trainee at a vocational school, you will undergo different steps than if you become a trainee for a private company. Regardless of which path you choose, you will need to pass a certification exam at some point during your traineeship that will allow you to become a journeyman. If you fail this exam, your trainee period will be extended. You may even need to earn a certification just to become a trainee, and if you do not pass your journeyman certificate exam, you will need to renew your traineeship certification.

An electrician working.
An electrician working.

It helps to develop a resume if you want to become an electrician trainee, even if you do not have a significant amount of education or experience. Writing a resume shows potential employers you are prepared, motivated, and organized, which are traits you will need to demonstrate once you become an electrician trainee. Fill out the appropriate application materials and include your resume so employers can glean more information about you before a potential interview.

Once you become an electrician trainee, be prepared to spend the better part of your day on your feet performing various types of manual labor. At the beginning of your traineeship, you are likely to perform only the most basic tasks until you learn more about the job. As your traineeship progresses, you will be entrusted to perform more and more complex tasks under the guidance and supervision of a journeyman electrician. Be prepared to spend up to four or five years as a trainee before you are ready to become a journeyman yourself; it is sometimes possible to complete your traineeship in less time, but most trainees will stay in this position for several years.

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    • An electrician working.
      By: michaeljung
      An electrician working.