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How Do I Become an Education Specialist?

Jessica F. Black
Jessica F. Black

There is usually a lengthy process involved to become an education specialist, and this degree requires extensive schooling before entering a specialist program of this caliber. Experience is also a necessity to become an education specialist, and most programs require at least three years of teaching in order to be eligible. Teachers who usually apply for this program are seeking to focus their career on a specialized area of teaching and enhance their knowledge in a particular educational area. Requirements may vary depending on the location that the position is in, and potential candidates should research local guidelines.

A bachelor's degree in education is often required, and students will have to participate in field work during their four year undergraduate coursework. Teaching practicums are based on the subject area and age group that the student chooses. This opportunity assists students in deciding on a certain area of the profession and allows them to begin teaching under supervision. Excellent grades and a bachelor's degree in education will help the student to prepare to become an education specialist.

Woman posing
Woman posing

After graduating from an accredited four year program, students usually need to begin teaching before applying to an education specialist program. Many of these programs will require applicants to possess a master's degree in addition to work experience. If these requirements are enforced, teachers may have to apply to grad school and begin their graduate program in education. Some teachers opt to do this directly after the four year program.

Once all necessary requirements are completed, applicants should find an education specialist program that offers coursework and research programs in their desired field. This program may take five to six years, and most teachers choose to participate in the program part-time. Part-time students are able to take their time in the program and continue teaching. Career opportunities will significantly increase once students begin the process to become an education specialist. This degree also allows teachers to apply for administrative and supervisory positions.

Perseverance is the most important trait required to become an education specialist, and students will need to be able to endure the length of time the process takes. Due to the initial requirements of the program, this is a degree that is usually pursued by mid or late-career professionals, and most people take their time because of life's other obligations. This is the main reason that many teachers choose to attend part-time and maintain their job.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing