How do I Become an Architect Technologist?

Jessica F. Black

In order to become an architect technologist, students must excel in mathematics and computer programming early in his or her school career. Modern technology permits students to practice interior and exterior design with various computer programs as early as high school. These programs are not architectural design formats, but allow students to interact with mathematics through geometric graphics. Science, math, and computer programming proficiency are all important in order to become an architect technologist because he or she primarily applies technology to architectural design and construction, which requires an enhanced knowledge of graphic design programs.

On-the-job training at construction sites may be useful for architect technologists seeking jobs.
On-the-job training at construction sites may be useful for architect technologists seeking jobs.

There are several degrees that can be achieved to become an architect technologist, which include an associates of applied science (A.A.S.), bachelor's of science degree (B.S.), and master of architecture degree (MArch). The A.A.S. program consists of 70 college credits with at least 46 credits in architectural coursework, and generally takes two years. A four year college program with a major in architectural technology may include courses such as introductory physics, architectural graphics, statistics and structures, and design fundamentals. The four year program results in a B.S. degree in architectural technology, which is a preferred degree to become an architect technologist. Master's degrees are completed after receiving the B.S. and should focus on various types of architectural studies.

Computer aided design programs, which may be offered at a four year university or as an off-campus workshop, are necessary to become an architect technologist because the additional coursework will aid students in creating and correcting blue prints. Experience can be gained by volunteering or completing an internship that offers on the job training at construction sites. Depending on the type of job the potential architect is seeking, work on construction sites or in an architectural firm could benefit future employment. Duties of an architect technologist may vary, and some may work directly on physical building processes and others focus on virtually constructing buildings using extensive computer programming.

Once a degree and experience is acquired, the next step to become an architect technologist is an apprenticeship with an accredited firm and highly trained technologist. This step may last over three years, but usually results in job placement or assistance in locating a position that suits his or her expertise. Excellent communication skills are often required to become an architect technologist because employees usually interact with clients, builders, and other building design professionals. Potential employees should also have a vast knowledge of various well known structures and building processes.

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