How Do I Become an Animation Producer?

Helen Akers

In order to become an animation producer, it is recommended that a candidate gain experience. Becoming a producer right away is probably not realistic given the entertainment industry's competitive nature. Completing internships, establishing industry contacts, and staying persistent are necessary for breaking into the field. Formal education programs are difficult to find and do not necessarily give one candidate an advantage over the other.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

One of the most important steps that an individual can take to become an animation producer is to secure experience. Many find that working for smaller animation studios in entry-level or internship positions is a necessity. These positions can provide a training ground for those who need to develop their technical and artistic skills. Working on commercials and short films provides more frequent experience and opportunities for instruction than full-length features.

Getting an internship or entry-level position in an animation studio can prove to be difficult. Establishing contact with animation studios and consistently following up on the availability of work can help candidates who wish to become an animation producer. It may be beneficial to find out the names and contact information of hiring managers and re-initiate contact every three to four months. Those wishing to break into the field might also want to consider putting together a portfolio of self-produced animated short films.

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Formal education can be one of the avenues in which potential animation producers establish a network of industry contacts. Some universities and colleges provide film production and animation courses where an individual can gain some experience, feedback, and network with others interested in the craft. Internship opportunities might also be advertised through educational institutions.

Once an internship or entry-level position is obtained, the next step to become an animation producer involves taking on positions with greater responsibility. It is important that individuals prove themselves through the quality of their work. While there isn't a clear path for those who wish to become an animation producer, taking the time to develop in lower level positions and refine talent seems to be one of the ways. As individuals gain experience and contacts, additional opportunities should become available.

Other ways to gain industry contacts are by attending conferences and workshops dedicated to film and animation production. Taking on additional part-time opportunities in the industry might help individuals further their professional network and gain related experience. A candidate really needs to immerse himself in the industry and demonstrate dedication and talent, in addition to expertise.

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