How Do I Become an Aircraft Mechanic?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Aircraft mechanics must become licensed after completing training.
Aircraft mechanics must become licensed after completing training.

Before you can become an aircraft mechanic, you should first obtain a high school diploma or the equivalent of one. After that, you can enroll in a technical college that has an approved aviation mechanics program. Upon graduation from this school, you will need to take a test to become licensed. The requirements for passing such an exam vary from one region to the next but could include written questions along with a practical hands-on evaluation.

It can be helpful to know which schools in your area offer courses in aircraft repair. One way of finding out this information is through your local telephone directory. You might also be able to find colleges with this degree program on the Internet. If you know people who already work in aircraft mechanics, you could find out where they received their training.

Not all aircraft repair schools offer the same quality of training. One of the things you should know before you enroll is whether the college is approved by an agency that also licenses airline pilots and air traffic controllers. You also should find out whether the school has had any major safety violations so you can be sure that the institution is not in danger of having its training program suspended.

Some countries allow people to become an aircraft mechanic by completing an apprenticeship program. This is done by working under the supervision of a licensed aviation mechanic for a period. In the United States, this program takes 18-30 months, depending on the type of work you are performing.

After graduating from college or an apprenticeship program, the next step you need to take to become an aircraft mechanic is to become licensed. This is done by registering with a government agency that oversees airline safety. You should be prepared to spend several hours taking the written portion of this test. If you pass this section, a test administrator probably will ask you to perform some basic repairs on an aircraft and then evaluate you on your skills and knowledge.

After you are licensed, you are ready to become an aircraft mechanic. At this time, you can begin looking for job openings online by visiting the websites of various airports, flying schools or airfreight carriers. The skills you have obtained during your education and training will no doubt serve you well as you begin your career in this exciting field.

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    • Aircraft mechanics must become licensed after completing training.
      By: stable101
      Aircraft mechanics must become licensed after completing training.