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How Do I Become an Administrative Specialist?

Nicole Etolen
Nicole Etolen

An administration specialist is a professional that is able to perform the duties expected of an administrative assistant while also overseeing special products and providing support to other types of employees within the workplace. In order to become an administrative specialist, you will need a wide range of interpersonal, professional, and technical skills. While some workplaces will accept experience in lieu of a formal education, having a degree can help give you an advantage over other applicants.

A degree in business may give you an advantage over those without one. While a Bachelor’s degree is preferable, even a two-year associate’s degree or certificate program can enhance your overall resume. Degrees in other fields, including computer science, networking, or communications, may also be sufficient to help you become an administrative specialist.

Administrative assistants are responsible for setting up appointments.
Administrative assistants are responsible for setting up appointments.

If you choose not to pursue a formal degree, you will still need to show an aptitude in a number of skills. Business classes and courses in office productivity software are a good start, but good interpersonal skills are just as important. Speech communication classes can help teach you how to speak confidently and effectively, which will help you in the interview process to become an administrative specialist and in the job itself. A basic course on psychology or sociology can help you develop a better understanding about the motivations of certain groups of people, which can also give you an edge in the business field.

To become an administrative specialist, you need near-flawless organizational skills. You will be responsible for handling many different types of tasks, from interoffice communications to overseeing multiple projects at the same time. Prior to applying for a position, develop a system that works best for you, and explain how this system will benefit the employer during the interview. All workplaces run differently, however, so be prepared to adjust your system accordingly. In addition to great organizational skills, the ability to multi-task is a must in order to become an administration specialist, and this ability should be reflected on your resume or job application.

Once you have attained the level of knowledge required to become an administrative specialist and compiled your resume, start looking for a position. Administrative specialists work in a variety of fields, from small independent offices to large pharmaceutical industries. If a company is looking for an administrative assistant or secretary, read the job description to see if it matches your skills, as not all companies call the administrative specialist position by the same name.

Your salary will vary depending on your level of experience, type of company you work for, and your geographical location. The median salary for an administrative specialist is about $36,000 US Dollars (USD) per year. The need for administrative specialists is expected to continue growing at an average rate.

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    • Administrative assistants are responsible for setting up appointments.
      By: Peter Atkins
      Administrative assistants are responsible for setting up appointments.