How Do I Become an Actuarial Recruiter?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud
An actuarial recruiter should have great character-judging skills.
An actuarial recruiter should have great character-judging skills.

If you aspire to become an actuarial recruiter, you must, of course, work in some capacity where actuaries are needed. This stable and prominent profession is concerned with crunching numbers in ways that enable companies to assess risk and odds of certain situations. Starting with a rigorous education in human resources or actuarial science followed by internships is one way to become an actuarial recruiter.

You do not actually need to be in the field of actuarial science to become an actuarial recruiter, although it is probably useful to have a background in the field. A human resources or business management education coupled with relevant experience is a good start toward making yourself marketable as a potential recruiter. You can't get to the top without spending time at the bottom, so instead of getting frustrated with entry-level jobs, be sure to take any opportunities that may help advance you toward your goals.

Before you delve into the long process of achieving a position like recruiter, first take a step back to be sure this type of position is right for you. A person fit to recruit should be very organized, attentive, and possess a great sense of judging character. Even if you possess all of these traits, consider your skill set and commitment to working prior to this endeavor. Although such a position can be very rewarding, it also demands a lot of effort from those who fill this void.

Actuarial recruiters are important because they are the ones responsible for finding capable actuaries that help run important industries. Without actuaries, we would have no insurance industry and would lack viable resources for tackling some of the statistical problems facing all industries. There are, of course, even more reasons why we need actuaries, emphasizing the future need for talented individuals to become actuarial recruiters as well.

If you want to become an actuarial recruiter, you need a great education. This should be coupled with work experience. Try starting early with internships focused toward this field. Be sure to take this opportunity to pick the brains of those involved in such operations while simultaneously building a network of contacts. Following all of these steps in no way ensures that a goal to become an actuarial recruiter will come to fruition, but the more steps taken in the right direction will improve the odds of ultimately living this dream.

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    • An actuarial recruiter should have great character-judging skills.
      An actuarial recruiter should have great character-judging skills.