How do I Become an Accounting Tutor?

Sheila Shanker

A person can become an accounting tutor by learning a lot about the field of accounting and having the ability to teach others. Tutors help students outside the classroom, and in many instances they give private lessons. To become an accounting tutor, you need to understand at minimum the basics of debits and credits, accounts, and financial statements. Tutoring in the US is not regulated, and nearly anybody can become a tutor in any subject, including accounting.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

Accounting tutors are particularly popular because accounting can be difficult to learn by just attending classes. Students may take accounting courses without a basic understanding of business math, and they may underestimate the study time and energy required to succeed in the courses. Many students need a helping hand understanding concepts and doing homework, especially at the basic level, where new words and ideas are covered. It is not uncommon for students to repeat accounting courses and tutors can be valuable in minimizing this problem.

Tutors may be hired by colleges to assist accounting students. Typically, colleges hire part-time accounting tutors, including advanced accounting students. If you perform well in your basic and intermediate accounting courses, you can become an accounting tutor at basic level. Colleges often hire tutors during the school year, when basic accounting courses are in session. Colleges may require prospective tutors to pass accounting exams to ensure quality.

Students may also hire tutors for private lessons. They may need help with basic concepts and in solving accounting problems. Many times colleagues or friends become "impromptu" accounting tutors. When that does not work, then students look for tutors outside their school or circle of friends.

Be aware of specialized areas. If a student needs help with consolidations or other advanced topic, be sure that you know that subject very well and don't get into a situation where you're trying to learn the concepts as you teach them. As a tutor, know your limitations and your strengths so that you can create a good reputation and get referrals for more students.

An accounting tutor helps the learning process and takes pride when a pupil learns something new because of his or her tutoring. One important point is for the tutor to decrease the stress levels in students. Tutors should not do homework or projects for their pupils; instead, they should stay in the background and wait for learning to take place. An accounting tutor must have patience and try different ways to teach, so that the student is successful at school.

To become an accounting tutor, you may work for a tutoring company that provides these services to students. Tutoring can be done at a student's home, the library, or online. Many tutoring services require tutors to have a college degree and to pass an accounting test. It is a good way to make some extra money and to help someone to succeed in college.

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