How Do I Become an Accounting Recruiter?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

An accounting recruiter helps companies fill accounting-related positions within their companies. To become an accounting recruiter, you will likely need a bachelor's degree as well as experience working for an accounting, business, finance, or human resources firm, particularly in a position that involves recruiting or hiring job candidates. Skill in developing connections, selling, and working via computer may also help you land a job in this field. If you want to start an accounting recruiting business, you will need to develop business skills, create a business plan, choose a business location, and secure business licensing.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

A bachelor's degree is usually required when you want to become an accounting recruiter. Earning this degree in a field such as business, accounting, finance, or human resources may help prepare you for this career. Whether or not this type of degree is required will usually depend on the employer with which you apply for a job, however. Some employers may be satisfied with the fact that you hold a bachelor's degree, no matter what your major, while others will give preference to those who hold a related degree.

Usually, experience is also required when you want to become an accounting recruiter. Many employers will prove more interested in hiring you if you have experience recruiting and hiring individuals for accounting and finance jobs or you have worked in a position of leadership for an accounting or finance firm. Experience in recruiting, hiring, or managing individuals for business-related positions may also help you land this job. Additionally, experience working in a human resources department and with sales may make you a more competitive candidate.

Besides experience, you will typically need a range of skills to become an accounting recruiter. Sales skills are often necessary for selling job candidates on a position and convincing hiring managers that a particular person is right for the job. You may also need the people skills necessary for connecting with others and building relationships and contacts. In most cases, the ability to evaluate the accounting job market will prove important as well. Additionally, computer skills and an understanding of technology used in recruiting will likely benefit you.

You may need additional preparation if you want to pursue this career as a business owner. In such a case, you could take a business course or two to develop basic skills important for running your own company. Then, you will likely need to prepare a business plan that includes information about how you will fund the startup expenses for your business, find clients, and locate prospective employees to meet client needs. You will also need to secure a business location, even if it's an office in your own home, and obtain the licensing required for starting a business in your jurisdiction.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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