How do I Become a Voice Teacher?

N. Madison
N. Madison

An individual who wants to become a voice teacher has a couple of primary choices. An aspiring voice teacher may start by taking voice lessons himself and gaining performance experience. Another option is to earn a degree in music as preparation for becoming a voice teacher. A person who earns a degree in preparation for this career may still benefit by getting some experience with performing. This experience may help an aspiring teacher to not only gain the confidence of prospective students, but also build skills he can pass on to his students.

A voice teacher might work with a singing group.
A voice teacher might work with a singing group.

There are a few degrees that may be particularly helpful for someone who wants to become a voice teacher. Many prospective voice teachers seek bachelor’s degrees in music performance or even in general music studies. Those who want to teach vocals in a public school may choose music education as a major. Some may even go on to graduate school, earning master’s degrees in music performance, voice pedagogy, or a similar major. An aspiring voice teacher may even seek a conservatory diploma.

An individual who wants to teach voice in college will typically need a graduate degree. Some schools may accept those with master’s degrees and experience. Others may prefer or require college voice teachers to have doctoral degrees instead. A voice teacher who works for a public school will usually need at least a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate or license.

A person who wants to become a voice teacher often takes voice lessons himself. By doing so, he can learn how voice lessons are usually structured and develop strategies to use in instructing his own students. These lessons may also be used to reinforce his knowledge of such things as breathing during vocals and reading and interpreting music.

Once an individual is ready to become a voice teacher, he may apply for a job with a school, music studio, theater, or performance organization. To apply for the job, he may submit a resume that includes details about his education and training. He may also list any other qualifications that make him a good choice for an available position, mentioning his performance experience as well.

Some voice teachers may advertise for students using fliers and ads in music-related publications. They may place ads on bulletin boards at music stores and studios, for example, providing contact information and basic details about the services they are offering. Others may attend amateur concerts and performances, hoping to make connections with potential students there. Once a voice teacher has acquired a few students and taught them well, he may gain new students through word-of-mouth advertising.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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