How do I Become a Viola Teacher?

N. Madison
N. Madison

An individual who wants to become a viola teacher will need to learn how to play the viola very well before he can teach others effectively. He’ll also have to learn how to read music and develop strategies for teaching others. A college degree isn’t required for teaching viola students, but earning one may be helpful, depending on the setting in which the individual hopes to work.

A viola teacher may instruct students in music theory.
A viola teacher may instruct students in music theory.

The first step for someone who wants to become a viola teacher is learning to play the instrument himself. While some people may attempt to learn to play an instrument on their own, through instructional videos, or online, in-person instruction is generally vital for someone who hopes to teach. Not only will this provide him with help when learning becomes a challenge, but it will also provide him with important feedback on his progress.

A person who wants to become a viola teacher may need years of instruction to perfect his own playing ability and learn teaching techniques. It may prove helpful to learn from many different teachers instead of staying with one for years. By taking lessons from various teachers, an aspiring viola teacher may observe different teaching styles and techniques, which may be helpful when the student becomes a teacher.

Taking lessons from a variety of teachers may also give an aspiring music teacher valuable experience with various viola methods. This may help him to offer varied types of lessons once he becomes a teacher. In fact, his teachers may offer helpful advice regarding viola methods and techniques, teaching strategies, finding employment, or opening a private music school.

Some aspiring viola teachers may find it helpful to attend training programs, workshops, or seminars designed for those who want to teach viola. They may find such courses through a music school or music association. Others may choose to pursue a college degree in music. While a person doesn’t need a college degree in order to become a viola teacher, having one may give him greater credibility in the eyes of his students and their parents. Additionally, an aspiring viola teacher may need a degree to work in a government-operated school, college, or university; some privately run schools may prefer teachers with degrees as well.

Once a person is finished learning and ready to become a viola teacher, there are a few routes he may take to reach his goal. He may open his own studio, advertise in newspapers and on bulletin boards, and ask others to refer students to his studio. Alternatively, he may apply for a position at a music studio, which may offer him valuable experience while he polishes his own teaching style. He may even work in an academic school, college, or university, teaching the viola to students of various ages.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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