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How Do I Become a Typing Instructor?

Wanda Marie Thibodeaux
Wanda Marie Thibodeaux

A person who wants to become a typing instructor must get a teaching license, which translates to getting at least a bachelor's degree in business education and passing competency examinations. Individual requirements can vary based on the level at which the person wants to teach, however, and employers have their own specifications applicants are expected to meet for hire. Aside from the focus in business education, the basic process for entering the classroom is the same for typing instructors as it is for other teachers.

Teachers who work in public classrooms usually need to be licensed in the jurisdiction in which they work. Licensure shows that they are knowledgeable not only in their field, but also are competent in educational methods. To get a license, individuals need a bachelor's degree or higher. People categorize typing or keyboarding as a business skill, so to become a typing instructor, the usual requirement is to obtain a minimum of a bachelor's degree in business education.

Typing instructors teach home keys, which are paramount in typing quickly and accurately.
Typing instructors teach home keys, which are paramount in typing quickly and accurately.

Due to the undergraduate degree requirement for licensure, a person who wants to become a typing instructor starts their career by enrolling in the business education program at a four-year college or university. At some colleges, it is not possible to take education-based classes until the sophomore year, with the rationale being that the student first needs to concentrate on basic classes such as math or biology. Examples of business education courses include methods of education technology, organization and management, communications and networking and computer-based technology and learning.

Hands-on experience hours are a basic requirement in the majority of education programs, so to finish a business education degree to teach typing, a person also usually has to complete a semester of student teaching. This usually is the last course the student takes. During the student teaching semester, the student works directly in the classroom, assisting a licensed teacher. The student gets the opportunity to apply everything she learned in her previous study and hone her teaching skills before graduation.

Following completion of the undergraduate business education program, an individual who wants to become a typing instructor must apply for licensure through the main licensing body for their jurisdiction. In the U.S., for instance, graduates apply through their state's Department of Education. In order for the licensing body to approve the graduate's application, the graduate typically must take and pass competency exams, which vary based on the grade level at which the graduate wishes to teach. During this period, the graduate may test for a typing endorsement on her license if required in her jurisdiction.

If a student wishes to become a typing teacher who works at the college level, a master's or doctoral degree in business education is required. A master's program typically takes two years to complete, while a doctoral degree usually takes three or four. At the end of each degree program, students must take additional competency exams to verify their qualifications. Even if a person does not wish to go on for a master's or doctoral degree, to continue as a typing instructor, a teacher must complete the continuing education requirements required by her jurisdiction to maintain a current license.

Once the educational and licensure requirements are finished, a person who wants to become a typing instructor can begin looking for open teaching positions. These are available in middle schools, high schools, community colleges and universities, depending on the permissions of the teacher's degree(s) and license. It is not uncommon for employers who hire typing instructors to require a minimum typing speed from applicants, so if a person can type correctly but is slow, it is worth practicing to get the average words per minute up. Many employers require typing instructors to use their business education degree to teach courses other than typing, so individuals should be prepared to work in a well-rounded way within their field.

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    • Typing instructors teach home keys, which are paramount in typing quickly and accurately.
      By: NOBU
      Typing instructors teach home keys, which are paramount in typing quickly and accurately.