How do I Become a Trumpet Teacher?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

A person usually decides to become a trumpet teacher after developing a love of the instrument and learning to play it very well. Some people strike out on their own, offering trumpet lessons independently in their own homes or studios, or in their students’ residences. Others may go to work as employees of a music studio that is owned by another person. Many choose to work in educational institutions instead, teaching music to elementary, middle, or high school students. A person who wants to become a trumpet teacher may even teach at a college or university.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

Learning to play the trumpet well enough to teach another person typically takes years, and aspiring teachers may learn a range of playing styles. They may also do well to observe the teaching styles and methods of several different teachers, noting strategies they may use when they become instructors themselves. In fact, seasoned trumpet teachers may provide important advice for prospective instructors, sometimes even steering them in the direction of teacher training or helping them find students once they are ready to teach.

An individual doesn’t necessarily need a college degree in order to become a trumpet teacher. If he plans to teach independently, a degree is usually not a requirement. Many music studios will hire trumpet teachers based on talent, experience, and training rather than on college degrees. An aspiring trumpet teacher may benefit from taking workshops designed to prepare musicians to teach others. Additionally, a prospective trumpet teacher may also take courses in music theory or education.

In some cases, a person does need a college education in order to become a trumpet teacher. For example, most public and many private schools require all teachers to have degrees. An aspiring trumpet teacher may earn a music degree or an education degree, with a minor in music. In most places, he’ll also be required to complete a teacher preparation program and pass certification exams. He may also have to submit to a background and criminal record check before he can work in a public or private school.

If a person wants to become a trumpet teacher for a college or university, he may need more education than is required to teach in a grade or high school. Often, college professors are required to have master’s degrees at minimum. In fact, earning a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) may prove to be better preparation for teaching music to college students.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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