How Do I Become a Transportation Supervisor?

Whitney Leigh White
Whitney Leigh White
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To become a transportation supervisor, most employers will prefer that you have some type of formal education. Entry-level occupations in this field are often filled with those who have an associate’s degree, but for upper-level jobs, you will benefit most from completing a bachelor’s or master’s course curriculum. The nature of this career makes it necessary that you have an expanded knowledge-base of the transportation industry and also the ability to address human resource issues. It is also beneficial to refresh and improve your critical thinking, complex problem solving, and other abilities when wanting to become a transportation supervisor. An excellent way to learn and improve the skills you need in this line of work is to take advantage of opportunities to work under an upper-level supervisor.

The basic knowledge to become a transportation supervisor is taught through different types of educational programs. There are even some certification courses and associate degree programs that can be taken through private institutions to help you become this type of supervisor. Many positions will require your knowledge level of the transportation industry to be in-depth, making it very valuable to earn a graduate or master’s degree. Common degrees to become a transportation supervisor include those with concentrations in economics, management, or mathematics.

There are many work styles that you should exhibit in order to land a job as a transportation supervisor, with leadership and integrity being some of the most important. In addition, it is valuable to be cooperative and to have a high tolerance to stress. You should also prefer to work with others and have the ability to stay well-connected with clients and other staff members.

General skills that you need to become a transportation supervisor include ones related to communications, computers, and other technology, and also those associated with evaluating information. Your communication skills should reach beyond being able to effectively speak with others to those that can be applied to electronic communication methods. If you obtain a formal education to become a transportation supervisor, ask your student advisor about any seminars or workshops that you can attend to improve the skills needed to succeed in this field.

Many jobs as this type of supervisor require that you have previous experience. This makes it very advantageous to ask your advisor about internships and other opportunities to work under upper-level or senior-level transportation supervisors. Many opportunities are often unpaid, but the experience that you obtain can be displayed on your resume upon graduation, which greatly improves your chances of acquiring more than an entry-level position.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing