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How Do I Become a Town Supervisor?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

A town supervisor is an elected official in some towns in New York state. Before you become a town supervisor, you should first discuss the idea with your family and make sure that you are able to perform all of the duties required of you. You must then either be nominated or petition for candidacy. Your chances of being elected also typically increase if you are involved in your community and advertise your campaign.

Some smaller towns in the United States, particularly those in New York state, have elected officials called town supervisors. To become a town supervisor, you must be a legal resident of the United States and that town. Usually, small suburban towns will have town supervisors.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

The support of your family is important if you want to become a town supervisor. You should discuss your goal with your immediate family, including your spouse and children, if applicable. They should realize that the position can not be taken lightly. You, however, should also realize that although you will have a number of duties as town supervisor, you must be able to balance your personal life with your political life.

Town supervisor duties may vary, depending on the town, and you should research this before you make a decision to vie for this position. It is usually the duty of the town supervisor to preside over town meetings. If elected, you will also most likely be responsible for the town's money, including paying city employees and allotting money for public works projects.

To become a town supervisor, you must also be named a candidate. This is typically done when a political party nominates you to run in the election. In some towns, you can also petition to become a candidate. This requires you to have a petition signed by a certain number of people in your community. The petition will also need to state your name, along with which position you are seeking.

The number of signatures you need will usually vary from town to town, depending on the population of the town. Collecting these signatures is usually done by going from door to door, and usually, you must only collect signatures of registered members of your political party. A list of the registered voters in your area, known as a walking list, can be obtained from your local board of elections.

At times, obtaining signatures will be easy; registered voters will sometimes simply sign your petition and send you on your way. Other times, they will chat with you about where you stand on certain issues. For this reason, it is a good idea to know exactly where you stand on the major issues in your town.

Advertising your candidacy is another important part of running for any political office. Brochures, fliers, and signs are some popular ways to advertise your candidacy. If you can't afford these yourself, fundraisers and donations may help. You will also need to debate the local issues with your opponent before the election.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips