How Do I Become a Temporary Worker?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Some businesses seek employees to cover people out on maternity leave.
Some businesses seek employees to cover people out on maternity leave.

The two main ways to become a temporary worker are to seek jobs from agencies specializing in these employees or apply directly to employers. If you use both approaches, it may increase your likelihood of finding a temporary (temp) job. You should also have a flexible outlook to be able to change jobs and locations when it's required. An ability to adapt well to new environments and co-workers is also crucial if you want to become a temporary worker. To be hired as a temp, you must be able to show recruiting agencies and employers that you have the needed work experience.

While there may be some demand for temps with general skills, people with proven experience in a particular field, especially one in which there is a shortage of skilled workers, are likely to get temporary work faster. A good strategy can be to apply to both a temp agency that handles a wide range of clients and others that deal in a specific field such as law, health or tourism. Recruiting agencies are always looking for suitable, skilled workers for their clients. At the same time, placing your resume with them won't guarantee that you'll become a temporary worker. It's best to keep getting your name and skills out there to both agencies as well as employers.

Many employers don't go through temp recruiting agencies, but place job ads for temporary part-time or full-time workers. They may be seeking workers to cover maternity or sick leave for employees or to handle work overflow during peak times. Understanding the seasonal needs of companies can allow you to approach a company about temp employment at the right time, before an ad that may attract hundreds of applicants is posted. Keeping in touch with the human resources departments of companies that use seasonal or temp employees can help you become a temporary worker through building relationships and persevering.

When applying to temporary jobs, explain in your cover letter why your experience, education and flexible outlook make you ideal for a particular company and temp position. Make sure you understand why you want to become a temporary worker. The advantages can be great if you're adaptable and versatile, but not if you'd rather have a long-term job in which you can be promoted. To work as a temp, you must also often have to work for less money than you'd receive in a more permanent job since temporary workers are usually considered an additional payroll expense for companies.

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    • Some businesses seek employees to cover people out on maternity leave.
      By: Reicher
      Some businesses seek employees to cover people out on maternity leave.