How Do I Become a Supporting Actor?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

The prerequisites for becoming a supporting actor can vary, according to the where your interests lie. To become a supporting actor in the major motion picture industry or in theater, you may need to relocate to a major city where opportunities are available. To receive proper training and acting experience, aspiring supporting actors should enroll in a drama class and participate in plays. Acting classes may also be taken at local universities. To become a supporting actor, you will also need an agent to represent you and help you find paying jobs.

Aspiring actors may attend many auditions while searching for work.
Aspiring actors may attend many auditions while searching for work.

Experience can help you become a supporting actor, so become involved in various aspects of the industry. It may seem insignificant, but accept bit parts in community or school plays, or coach youngsters in an after-school acting project. Although many actors have an innate talent, you may want to cultivate yours by taking an acting class. Supporting actor training can be invaluable and may be impressive on your resume.

Industry and trade papers can give you insight on what it takes to become a supporting actor. Read these papers to determine if you have what it takes to succeed as a professional performer. Remember, patience is a virtue in the acting profession and it will take more than talent to succeed. Supporting actor careers generally do not happen overnight, so be persistent. Casting calls can, and often do, lead to rejection. While you're waiting for your big break, hire an acting coach to point out your strengths and weaknesses.

It doesn't hurt to have some professional photographs of yourself taken. Various angles and poses should be taken, although try to look as natural as possible and not overly done. When you establish a strong resume, place the pictures in a portfolio.

If you want to become a supporting actor, understand that you won't be the main focus of a movie, television show, or play. As a supporting actor, you will need to accept being in the background at times, while not drawing attention away from the lead character. Supporting actor duties may be pivotal to the show's success, although the center of attention will be focused on the main characters. If you are content with that, then proceed with your ambitions.

Hiring a manager might be necessary if you're inexperienced, as he can offer support and suggestions that can help further your career. While an agent will book your auditions, a manager can guide your career. If you believe you might benefit from both, hire someone who combines both services as agent and manager.

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    • Aspiring actors may attend many auditions while searching for work.
      Aspiring actors may attend many auditions while searching for work.