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How do I Become a Support Service Manager?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

There are three steps required if you want to become a support service manager: related formal post-secondary training, experience in computer or technical system support and securing a position. A support service manager is responsible for a team of technicians who provide front-line service to system users. Becoming a support service manager might be a good option if you enjoy solving puzzles and working with technology.

There is no specific degree or diploma program for becoming a support service manager. Instead, most employers look for candidates who have training in business, technology, computer science, computer networking or related technical discipline. An undergraduate degree is ranked the same as a diploma in this field. The only limitation of a college diploma instead of a degree is that additional bridging courses would be required to obtain a masters degree, but that level of academic credentials is not normally required for this position. Look for schools that are accredited, because this third-party validation provides some security regarding the level of materials covered and the quality of the instruction.

A support service manager oversees a team that provide support front-line system users.
A support service manager oversees a team that provide support front-line system users.

In order to become a support service manager, there are two primary areas of experience that you will need: technical skills and soft skills. Experience utilizing technical skills can be developed through a position such as that of a support technician or help desk staff member. In addition, many post-secondary training programs include a cooperative or internship position, which might give you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

Communication and interpersonal skills are an important part of the total skill set that you will need if you want to become a support service manager. These soft skills are essential for success in this role, but they can be difficult to develop. Look for courses offered by your current employer on these specific skills, or explore the part-time courses offered at a local community college or career college. Many people look to professional coaches or mentors to provide guidance on the development of these skills.

To actually become a support service manager, start by identifying potential employers. Look for medium to large companies where information technology is central to their business or business process. Avoid very small companies, because they typically are too small to have the type of equipment and volume of issues that would require a full-time support services department. Explore companies that are located in large city centers, are growing in size and have been in business for at least two years.

After you have identified potential employers or markets, look at the job postings on their websites and contact the human resources departments for information about the hiring process. Ask about the opportunities for future roles within the company's support services area. Review your résumé to make sure that it is tailored to the role for which you are applying, and be sure to highlight the ways in which your skills meet the position requirements.

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    • A support service manager oversees a team that provide support front-line system users.
      By: yanlev
      A support service manager oversees a team that provide support front-line system users.