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How Do I Become a Subcontract Administrator?

YaShekia King
YaShekia King

Subcontract administrators are individuals who acquire products or services for their companies to use while striving to make sure that they save as much money as possible in their business dealings. The process involves producing a document called a subcontract that highlights specific terms and conditions that must be met under the supervision of a primary contractor, or the person responsible for an overall job. If you aspire to become a subcontract administrator, you have to complete four years of undergraduate school, complete an internship, and earn an advanced degree to have the best chance of being hired. Receiving field certification makes you more marketable as you seek jobs in this industry.

A person who plans to become a subcontract administrator has to complete a bachelor’s degree in business administration, which typically requires four years of study. Requirements to get into this type of college program include turning in your recent standardized test results along with a completed enrollment form and your high school transcript. Schools additionally demand to see your high school diploma or the equivalent certification.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Courses in business provide you with the foundation that you need to excel in this industry. For example, classes in accounting help you to understand how money flows into and out of a company, and how to substantiate expenses incurred as you acquire materials or receive services that enable your business to achieve its overall goals. In addition, a course in business law is critical because it teaches you the various regulations that govern how to draft and award subcontracts when you become a subcontract administrator.

Even though employers usually only require professionals in this vocational area to have bachelor’s degrees, you can make yourself more competitive in the job market by earning a two-year master’s degree. To do this, you have to prove that you have completed undergraduate school as well as pass a graduate school entrance exam. Filling out your potential training institution’s admission application additionally constitutes a necessary part of the enrollment process to train to become a subcontract administrator. A graduate degree enables you to learn more about how to negotiate prices so that a company remains efficient and profitable. Completion of a final research project is also typically required before you receive your degree.

Certification in this career area is voluntary, but boosts your opportunities to claim a position in the field. You can become a subcontract administrator who is certified by passing industry society examinations. Earning continuing education credits is necessary to maintain these designations, which demonstrate to potential employers that you are extremely qualified to work in this capacity.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips