How Do I Become a Sports Scientist?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree
Sports equipment.
Sports equipment.

To become a sports scientist, you need a strong interest in sports, exercise, and of course science. After graduating compulsory school, pursue a degree in sport or exercise science or a related field. Next, you will need experience to get better jobs and a membership with the local sport and exercise association. You can gain experience as a life guard, gym coach, or other entry-level jobs. This field is very competitive, but the jobs open to you are varied.

You can start to become a sports scientist as early as secondary school. Develop an interest in sports and exercise, work on your communication skills, and pay attention in science-orientated classes. This career is essentially about figuring out what makes athletes better. Sports scientists are interested in pre-game exercises, maximizing an athlete’s capabilities during the game, and helping athletes recover from a game or any injuries sustained. You do not have to be an athlete to become a sports scientist, but some people dabble in sports anyway.

You can choose among a variety of degrees, but it is common to pursue a degree in sport or exercise science. A bachelor’s degree is usually enough to land a job related to sports science. Degrees in psychology or physiology may also be beneficial to becoming a sports scientist. You might eventually want to earn an advanced degree to further your career or to become qualified to teach sports science. The more educated you become, the more options you have in your career as a sports scientist.

After getting a relevant degree, you can look for sports-related jobs. Life guards, sports coaches, and gym instructors are some jobs that sports scientists start out with. Eventually, once you have enough experience, you can join a sports and exercise association. Associations can help you keep track of the latest breakthroughs in sports and exercise. Joining an association also looks great on a resume and shows that you are serious about being a sports scientist.

Getting a job to become a sports scientist can prove challenging, but someone with an educational background has a lot of options. You can work in schools, gyms, or one-on-one with professional athletes. The field is often considered a necessity among people who are serious about sports and exercise. In general, the more experience and education you have, the more you will be paid. The starting salary is usually quite low, however, and may not be enough to comfortably live off in some cities.

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    • Sports equipment.
      By: Michael Flippo
      Sports equipment.