How Do I Become a Solution Sales Manager?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
A solution sales manager giving a presentation.
A solution sales manager giving a presentation.

Individuals with solution sales manager jobs are high level professionals who report to executives and vice presidents. These professionals are responsible for developing strategies that enable sales professionals to hold stronger relationships with clients and increase a business's profitability over the long term. To become a solution sales manager, it almost always is important that you are proficient both at basic sales skills, such as the ability to inspire confidence in clients, and at developing and using information technology (IT) solutions. Individuals in these roles often use information systems and sales software to improve sales procedures.

In order to become a solution sales manager, you should earn an undergraduate degree in a field such as management or marketing. In most cases, professionals in this field do not need graduate degrees. If you are applying for positions in more competitive job markets, however, you might find that a graduate degree in business or in information systems might help to set you apart from the competition. It often is the case that to become a solution sales manager, experience is just as valuable as education.

While it is important for a solution sales manager to understand how to use information systems to his or her advantage, you don't necessarily need to have a strong background in the programming and implementation of IT systems. It is important, however, that you are able to communicate clearly with IT professionals so that you can set your strategies in motion. A strong understanding of programs and intelligence systems, such as customer relationship software, often is adequate for a person who would like to become a solution sales manager.

To enter this profession, you should plan on starting off in an entry level sales position. This is a great way to learn common sales methods and to perfect your selling skills. As you become a better salesperson with a record that is consistently improving, you can apply for positions with greater levels of responsibility. Apply for positions that enable you to work with priority accounts that bring in the greatest profits.

When it comes time to compose a resume and attend interviews for a solution sales manager position, it is important to concentrate on your ability to improve sales procedures. On your resume and cover letter, highlight your familiarity with current software used in sales contexts. You might find it beneficial to read trade magazines and attend seminars and trade shows, this way you can update your knowledge of sales solutions. Research companies prior to interviews, this way you can speak about challenges they are facing and your ideas for improving sales communication.

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    • A solution sales manager giving a presentation.
      By: Image Source IS2
      A solution sales manager giving a presentation.