How Do I Become a Service Desk Analyst?

Gabriele Sturmer

A service desk analyst provides technical support for those within an organization and for customers who use a company's products or services. He or she handles calls from users, creates support tickets and troubleshoots to find a solution to software and hardware issues. Some service desk analysts also perform maintenance tasks for the company's technology department, including creating backups and optimizing existing systems. To become a service desk analyst, you normally will need an associate's degree or bachelor's degree in technology, possibly some technical support and computer repair certifications, excellent customer service skills and experience troubleshooting and repairing computers, printers, networks and mobile devices.

A service desk analyst is responsible for providing technical support for customers who use a company's services.
A service desk analyst is responsible for providing technical support for customers who use a company's services.

Many service desk analyst positions require an associate's degree or higher, or specific certifications. It's not uncommon, however, to need both a degree and certifications to find a job in the field. The necessary degree is usually related to computer science, information technology or information systems management.

Employers that require certifications may want you to be certified in computer repair, networking, customer service or project management. Some employers do not require certifications when you start the job, but they do require that you earn the certifications within a specific time frame. If you already have a variety of certifications, you may become a service desk analyst without needing a college degree.

Depending on the complexity of the support tickets on which you will work, it can require different levels of experience for you to become a service desk analyst. Some positions are entry-level help desk jobs in which you solve common issues with software and have a database that helps you find solutions. Other jobs require a few years of experience in a technical support field and more complex troubleshooting skills. Both levels usually include some kind of training program during the first weeks of employment. The training helps you learn the support ticket system the company uses and gets you familiar with the customer support process.

To become a service desk analyst, you also need to be flexible and have excellent communications and customer service skills. Customers need support most hours of the day, so many service desk analyst jobs require various shifts and long hours and may require you to be on call at times. Excellent communication skills are a must, because much of your interaction with employees and customers will be on the telephone. Being a good listener is critical to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

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