How do I Become a Security Architect?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois
Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

The steps required to become a security architect vary widely, as this term is used to describe two very different positions. The term security architect typically refers to someone who specializes in the design and implementation of security features on property. However, this title is also used to describe someone who works in the information technology sector who is responsible for designing the overall security features for a large computer application.

Securing a property is more than just the installation of a security system. In fact, so many features of security architecture are embedded into standard architecture that many people cannot recognize them. For example, a multi-story commercial building is designed without large trees or smaller structures located close enough for someone to climb and gain access to second- or third-story windows. Many residential sliding patio doors are designed as a single unit so individual doors cannot be removed to gain access to the home.

Many people who become a security architect have training in law enforcement or related fields. They are often hired by security firms or commercial property management companies to design a comprehensive security system. This may include the removal of trees or the installation of additional lighting and alarm boxes on the perimeter of the property. These changes, together with a security system, can significantly increase the security of the property.

This type of security architecture is designed to minimize the reliance on additional security systems. In order to become a security architect, candidates must complete post-secondary training program in architecture. This training can be completed at either the college or university level.

In order to become a security architect in the information technology sector, candidate must have completed post-secondary training in system architecture and design. Many people have completed additional training in computer system security. Within information technology, there are two types of system security: physical and electronic. Anyone who wants to become a security architect must be familiar with both.

Physical security includes the creation of a physically secure server room and the use of metal tubes to cover data cables as they run through a building and outside the structure. Limited staff access to the server room and tracking access through the use of computer codes and automatic cameras are all examples of physical security.

Electronic security includes the installation of firewall programs, Internet protocol (IP) address restrictions, and anti-virus programs. In addition, the process surrounding the issuing and maintenance of user accounts and passwords form an integral part of electronic and data security. Staying on top of changes in this fast-moving sector is part of the job for anyone who wants to become a security architect in the information technology sector.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer