How Do I Become a Russian Tutor?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A Russian tutor will provide additional guidance to students learning the language in a classroom. In order to become a Russian tutor, you will need to develop credentials in relation to the teaching of the Russian language. If Russian is your native language, and if you are bilingual or otherwise multilingual, you will have an easier time finding positions that will allow you to become a Russian tutor; if you are a non-native Russian speaker, you will very often need to earn a college degree or be working toward one in order to find tutoring work.

You can either become a Russian tutor by working for an educational institution, or by working independently as a freelance tutor. If you work for an educational institution, you will often have students assigned to you for added instruction. You will not have to seek out students actively. If, however, you work as an independent freelancer, you will need to advertise your services and find clients on your own. One good way to do this is to contact foreign language departments at local schools and colleges. Department faculty may be able to recommend you to students in need of extra guidance.

Be sure to research the local laws and regulations regarding tutoring. Some regions may require you to earn specific certifications as they pertain to the teaching of the Russian language; you may also need to have specific teaching qualifications or certifications. Research these qualifications and be sure you can earn them in a reasonable period of time if you want to become a Russian tutor. If you intend to work with a global audience, it may be best to become an online tutor; you can either apply for a job with a tutoring agency or you can work independently, but again, you will be responsible for coming up with a marketing strategy if you choose to work independently.

It is also advisable to develop teaching skills by taking education classes or otherwise gaining work experience that will help you become a Russian tutor. As a tutor, you will not write lesson plans and deliver instruction as a teacher would, but you will need to convey ideas effectively and design tutoring strategies for individual students. Education classes can prepare you to be a more effective tutor, which will in turn give students or clients a reason to recommend you to others.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book