How Do I Become a Review Appraiser?

YaShekia King
YaShekia King
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Review appraisers are individuals who assess the value of various items, which can include homes or even commercial establishments. These individuals must have solid analytical skills, use good judgment, and possess strong decision-making abilities. If you would like to become a review appraiser, you should consider completing two to four years of college. In addition, gaining field experience as well as earning industry licensure and certification will make you competitive in the job market.

A person who wishes to become a review appraiser needs to complete a two-year associate degree or four-year bachelor’s degree in economics. Even though some employers do not necessarily require job candidates to have a college degree, they do prefer people who have completed post-secondary education. Enrollment in this type of training program requires submission of a high school diploma or the equivalent certification along with your high school transcript. You must be willing to turn in your most recent standardized exam results and fill out an admissions form as well.

Economic courses prepare you to enter this career area. You need to study topics related to money and banking as well as learn how to communicate in the business world. College courses also cover accounting principles and how to analyze data and create charts. Mastering these skills is helpful if you desire to become a review appraiser because this type of professional is responsible for regularly reading and interpreting appraisal reports to determine their accuracy with regard to the financial values of items according to current market trends.

Completing an internship also helps you to thrive in this field. While serving as an intern at a company, you need to practice putting together reports on changes in the market as well as learn how to choose different appraisers to complete various projects. The company through which you gain hands-on training might be willing to hire you permanently, or it can help you to find other businesses that may be able to hire you as you aim to become a review appraiser.

Employers often require people in this career area to be licensed. You need to take a professional licensure course and then pass an exam administered by your region’s industry board to get this credential. Institutes in the field also offer exams that lead to voluntary certification. Attaining this type of designation makes you more attractive to employers because it demonstrates your solid understanding of valuation principles along with your willingness to stay current on field developments when you become a review appraiser.

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    • Woman posing
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