How do I Become a Rehabilitation Associate?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

For the many individuals looking to become rehabilitation associates, there are multiple options available. Rehabilitation associates work with individuals who have an addiction or compulsion, and help them with treatment options and techniques to help them stop using dangerous substances or engaging in dangerous behavior. To become a rehabilitation associate, one must first learn more about this rewarding career choice.

In order to become a rehabilitation associate who works one-on-one with patients, it may be necessary to earn a degree in counseling, social work, or medicine. Counselors often help patients uncover and confront the underlying problems that have contributed to the addictive behavior, while social workers may assist in repairing relationships and meeting standards for successfully interacting with others in society. Medical doctors may also be involved in patient care, to prescribe medications that will help wean patients off controlled substances and to monitor patients who are undergoing painful withdrawal symptoms.

The first step to become a rehabilitation associate is to take classes after high school to learn one of these fields. The amount of schooling required depends on the field chosen. Medical doctors and some counselors often have to earn a four year degree as well as specialized training after that to become licensed. Social workers generally need at least an associates degree.

Once all educational requirements have been met, a potential worker must find an employer who hires rehabilitation associates. These organizations may include government sponsored hospitals, group homes, private hospitals,The department of social services, or non profit groups. To become a rehabilitation associate with these organizations, it is a good idea to start by speaking with a manager, organizer, or current employee to receive more information. This person can discuss the possibility of employment in greater detail and inform potential employees of any regulations or additional qualifications needed.

Another way to become a rehabilitation associate is to begin working at a lower level within an organization. These positions can include things like nurses aide, orderly, food preparation worker, or laundry detail. Although these fields may seem to have little to do with rehabilitation in general, working in these jobs will give those who are interested a chance to work up to high positions through education and job training. In some instances, the organization may help cover the cost of schooling. In return, the employee will agree to work for the organization for a specified amount of time.

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