How do I Become a Regional HR Manager?

D. Jeffress
D. Jeffress
A regional HR manager working with an employee.
A regional HR manager working with an employee.

Professionals who work in the human resources (HR) division of a company manage one or more different aspects of labor relations, including payroll, benefits, hiring and training new employees, evaluating performance, and communicating concerns with management. A regional HR manager is responsible for supervising HR operations, worker relations, and policies in several company branches over a given physical area. An individual who wants to become a regional HR manager is usually required to obtain at least a bachelor's degree, gain experience in other HR jobs, and pursue specialized certification from national or international organizations.

A college degree is almost always a requirement to become a regional HR manager. Many accredited colleges and universities offer four-year bachelor's degree programs in human resource management, labor relations, business administration, accounting, and finance. Some companies require individuals to obtain master's degrees in the field, which generally take an additional two years to complete.

Many hopeful HR managers choose to take certification exams in order to improve their credentials and their chances of gaining employment. There are several nationally and internationally recognized organizations that offer certification for HR workers in the form of written tests. In the United States, for example, the Society for Human Resource Management allows workers to obtain Professional of Human Resources certification, a designation that is very favorable in the eyes of most potential employers.

A person who wants to become a regional HR manager must determine the type of business or industry in which he or she would like to work. HR is an essential division in most types of businesses, from retail store chains and supermarkets to banks, hospitals, and manufacturing plants. Prospective regional HR managers can improve their chances of gaining employment by studying the different aspects of a certain type of industry and demonstrating their knowledge in job applications and interviews. Understanding the details about a business, such as effective sales tactics, competition, and company goals can greatly improve an individual's chances of landing a job.

An employee of a corporation is typically required to gain experience and prove his or her skills in other HR jobs before he or she is eligible to become a regional HR manager. Many companies choose to promote HR workers to more esteemed regional HR positions after they demonstrate their work ethic, competency, and ability to communicate effectively with both management and employees. The amount of time it may take to become a regional HR manager depends on a number of factors, however, including the size of a company, the availability of job openings, and specific policies regarding advancement and promotions.

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    • A regional HR manager working with an employee.
      A regional HR manager working with an employee.