How Do I Become a Proposal Coordinator?

T. L. Childree
T. L. Childree
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A proposal coordinator is typically responsible for writing, editing, and reviewing a grant, contract, or marketing proposal. Although a college education is not necessarily required to become a proposal coordinator, many employers prefer to hire candidates who have earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. You must also have a variety of different word processing and graphic design skills for this career. An apprenticeship should be completed during college to acquire the practical work experience needed to become a proposal coordinator. After attaining this position, you will play an important role in the overall business development of the organization for which you work.

A bachelor’s degree is preferred, but not always required to become a proposal coordinator. This profession demands strong communications skills, and a degree in liberal arts, such as journalism or communications, can give you a significant hiring advantage over other job-seekers. A bachelor’s degree in public administration or business may also be sufficient to begin an on-the-job training program. You should also try to take courses in editing, writing, and proofreading to prepare yourself for employment. Completing an online or community college course in proposal grant writing may give you an additional hiring advantage.

Excellent word-processing and graphic design skills are also needed to become a proposal coordinator. These professionals are often required to master a wide variety of computer software programs to effectively design and present different types of business proposals. In addition to these skills, you must also be able to conduct extensive research in a particular subject area and organize the information in a usable fashion. As a proposal coordinator, you should be able to recruit and lead a diverse team of contributors through the entire proposal process. Excellent organizational and time-management skills must also be developed to succeed in this career.

Some type of apprenticeship in this field should be completed before you become a proposal coordinator. Many employers require you to have a certain amount of practical work experience before hiring. Your college might be able to place you in an apprenticeship program during the last two years of your education. You may also be able to find a volunteer position with a non-profit organization to learn grant-proposal writing. The hands-on work experience gained from an apprenticeship can be a valuable asset after graduating from college.

A proposal coordinator plays an important role in the business development of a company or non-profit organization. These professionals are responsible for conveying the correct image, reputation, and business purposes of their employer to various outside parties. Typical duties of a coordinator include creating outlines and templates, as well as proofreading draft and final editions of a proposal. He or she is usually responsible for creating any computer graphics needed for the project.

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