How do I Become a Product Engineer?

N. Madison

Product engineers work with new products, designing, developing, and testing them. Typically, a person who wants to become a product engineer prepares by earning a bachelor's degree in an engineering field. A person interested in pursuing this career may also participate in internship training that helps him build his skills and gain experience. Often, an aspiring product engineer starts out in an entry-level position, working under the supervision of other engineers. In time, he may be given more responsibility and the chance to work independently.

Scientist with beakers
Scientist with beakers

A person who wants to become a product engineer usually has to earn a high school diploma or an equivalent credential that is accepted in his area. In high school, he may do well to take advanced math and science courses as preparation. Since engineering requires a high level of math and science aptitude, these classes can help an aspiring engineer to not only succeed in college, but also develop a foundation of knowledge that may prove helpful throughout his career. Computer skills are also a necessity in the product engineering field, so an aspiring engineer may also work to develop his computer skills in high school.

A person who wants to become a product engineer usually attends college in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. Among the degree programs that may help to prepare a person for this career are electrical and electronics engineering. Mechanical and civil engineering programs may also provide good preparation for this job. In some cases, a person may secure an entry-level position in this field after earning a degree in a math or science major, but engineering degrees give a person a better chance of being hired. An aspiring engineer may also take art and design courses while pursuing his major; these classes may help him prepare for design work.

After college or even during the summer before he graduates, a person who wants to become a product engineer may pursue an internship. Working as an intern may help a person add some experience to his resume and develop skills he can use when he becomes a full-fledged engineer. An aspiring product engineer may also use internships to get a look at different product engineering fields and determine whether there is a particular area that interests him. Additionally, some companies offer their interns jobs after they graduate, so an aspiring product engineer could end up not only with new skills, but also with a job offer. Once an aspiring product engineer is ready to find a job, he may look for opportunities in the help-wanted section of his local newspaper or by searching job listing websites.

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