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How do I Become a Paint Contractor?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

To become a paint contractor, you need either painting experience or an experienced crew, and you should also have some business knowledge. To operate legally, you may need to follow the procedures to establish and maintain such a business in your jurisdiction. You will also need to market your service and build a customer base.

It may seem obvious that you need experience to become a paint contractor, but many people consider this standard met simply because painting is their interest, and they have completed some small personal projects. This is usually not sufficient experience on which to base the operation of a business. If you have not painted professionally, you should develop your skills through an apprenticeship program or by studying the trade before venturing into your own business. If you do not plan to do the painting personally, make sure that you have an experienced crew.


In addition to painting skills, you are likely to need business skills. These will be used for tasks such as accounting, labor calculations, and management. Some people begin operating businesses without any formal business experience or education and embark on a learn-as-they-go journey. This, however, is often costly, time consuming, and it can lead to avoidable problems, such as legal violations. It is best to develop solid business skills before you become a paint contractor.

It is important to make sure that you follow all of the legal guidelines in your region to become a paint contractor. Depending upon the jurisdiction in which you live, this can involve several things. At the least, you will likely be required to obtain a business license. You may also need a separate contractor’s license. Other legal tasks that may be required include registering your business name, establishing a business account, and mandatory registration with a trade organization.

Once you legally become a paint contractor, you need to get your business into action. Finding clients may be one of the hardest tasks to complete. Individuals commonly hire paint contractors based on reputation, which you may not yet have established. This is another reason that it may be helpful to work as an apprentice before you attempt to operate your own business. Doing so will allow you to network and make valuable connections.

You likely will have to develop and rely upon an effective marketing strategy as well. You may choose to do the marketing on your own or you may employ others to do it for you. In either case, you want to ensure that your business is effectively represented in the manner that coincides with your vision. If you do not maintain strict control of the manner in which your business is marketed, you could run into serious problems resulting from clients misunderstanding the services that you provide.

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