How Do I Become a Nurse Recruiter?

Misty Amber Brighton

In order to become a nurse recruiter, you should have experience in both nursing and human resources. This means you should first become a registered nurse, gaining supervisory experience if possible. While you are working as a nurse, you can take courses in human resources or business administration. You should also maintain a positive attitude and pay special attention to your personal appearance.

Becoming a nurse recruiter requires having experience in both nursing as well as recruiting.
Becoming a nurse recruiter requires having experience in both nursing as well as recruiting.

Before you can work as a registered nurse, you must meet your local requirements for doing so. These vary from one jurisdiction to the next, but generally involve at least a bachelor's degree. After graduation, you may be required to pass a licensing examination before you begin working in this capacity.

Once you are hired as a registered nurse, you should let your supervisors know you would like to become a nurse recruiter for that organization. In order to be considered for a recruiting position, you will need to have a positive attitude about your employer. Performing your nursing job with a friendly and outgoing disposition towards patients and co-workers can help you earn a good reputation. Avoiding gossiping about fellow employees or members of management will also give employers a favorable view of you.

Even though most nursing jobs do not require you to wear business attire, you should nonetheless maintain an immaculate appearance. This is because you will be representing the organization you are recruiting for after you become a nurse recruiter. Nurses will be more apt to apply to an organization that has a well-groomed nurse recruiter. Make sure your uniform is clean and wrinkle free and that any jewelry you might wear is not distracting to your patients.

While you are becoming established in the nursing field, it can be a good idea to continue your education. Consider taking courses at a local college to help you become a nurse recruiter. A degree plan with an emphasis in human resources can help you gain the skills needed in order to work as a nurse recruiter.

You should tell your friends about openings at your place of employment whenever they arise. This is true even if the positions are not medical in nature. Ask the applicants to let the hiring manager know you were the one who referred them to the organization. By doing so, you are establishing your ability to entice qualified candidates for any job opening, which can help you later when you apply for a nurse recruiter position.

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