How Do I Become a Night Security Guard?

Dan Cavallari

There are several ways to become a night security guard, and each way will most likely require you to undergo some training on the job. The minimum qualifications you will need to become a night security guard usually include a high school diploma or equivalent degree, a clean driving record, and no criminal record. If you meet such criteria, you can go about either taking a state-sponsored security guard exam that will certify you to work in the field, or you can apply for a position with a private company that will train you and get you certified.

A night security guard may be qualified to carry pepper spray.
A night security guard may be qualified to carry pepper spray.

It is important to keep in mind that most security guards are not peace officers and cannot, under any circumstances, pose as one. In other words, once you become a night security guard, you are not considered a police officer. In most cases, you will not carry any firearms, though you may carry other weapons intended for use in self-defense. Pepper spray, for example, is often carried by night security guards, and you will need to be trained in the proper use of such a weapon. You will not conduct arrests as a guard; instead, your job will be to observe events as they happen and make timely reports to local law enforcement agencies.

Get used to staying up nights if you want to become a night security guard. This can be difficult for most people, since humans generally spend their waking hours in daylight. Working at night can be strenuous and stressful, so it is important to prepare yourself for such rigors. You will also need to be in reasonably good health, as much of your work shift will be spent walking around or otherwise standing. Some heavy lifting duties may be required of you during your shift as well.

For some security jobs, you will need to have a clean driving record, as you may be required to drive around a property in an official vehicle. Be ready to take and pass a driving test if you want to become a night security guard, and pay special attention to all outlined protocols for night operations. Many companies may require you to undergo first aid and CPR training as well so you are prepared for emergency situations should they arise at night. Be familiar with procedures you will need to adhere to should such an emergency arise; contacting emergency services promptly and documenting the event will be your primary responsibilities.

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