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How Do I Become a Mechanic Trainee?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The steps you will need to take in order to become a mechanic trainee can vary depending on what type of mechanic you want to become. In some professions, you may only need to hold a high school diploma or equivalent qualification in order to become a mechanic trainee, though in other instances, you may need to attend a vocational school first so you can learn the basics of mechanical work. Very often it is possible to get an apprenticeship position, during which you will be able to learn all the skills necessary to become a mechanic.

It is important to decide first and foremost what type of mechanic you want to become so you will be able to find specific steps to become a mechanic trainee. You can become an automobile, aircraft, heavy equipment, diesel, or even a ship mechanic. Once you have decided what field you want to enter, you may want to consider asking current mechanics in that field what steps they took to become a mechanic trainee. You can also consult a career counseling center, or if you are in school, your teachers, guidance counselors, or academic advisors.

A mechanic trainee working.
A mechanic trainee working.

In some cases, the first step to become a mechanic trainee may be as simple as applying for the position. Many companies will train you on the job, which means you do not need any previous training, though it is likely you will need to demonstrate basic to moderate math skills as well as adequate communications skills. These will be vital for success in the field and most employers will not consider you for a position if you cannot demonstrate such abilities. You may also need to be in reasonably good health, as the job will probably require you to be on your feet most of the day; heavy lifting is part of the job as well.

Try to earn any relevant certifications or licenses commonly required for the jobs you will seek out. You can find out which certifications are relevant by reading online job postings. Take note of which qualifications are most valued by employers and seek to develop such qualifications. While most of the requirements you will need to become a mechanic trainee will be minimal, you will be helping your own cause by earning them ahead of time, as employers will consider this a sign that you take the job seriously and are motivated for success.

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    • A mechanic trainee working.
      By: Tyler Olson
      A mechanic trainee working.