How Do I Become a Market Research Interviewer?

N. Madison
N. Madison

The requirements you'll have to meet to become a market research interviewer will likely depend on the employer who hires you. For many jobs, however, you will need a high school or equivalent diploma and the ability to follow instructions exactly as they are given to you. You will also need excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, to qualify for this position. Experience in a customer-service or sales-related position may help but isn't always required, as many employers are willing to offer on-the-job training to new market research interviewers.

Market research interviewers should be customer service oriented.
Market research interviewers should be customer service oriented.

In most cases, you will not need a degree to become a market research interviewer. Many employers do prefer to hire individuals who have at least a high school or equivalent diploma, but some may even hire candidates without such credentials. In fact, some companies might be willing to hire you to perform this job on a part-time basis while you are still in high school, especially if you meet the other requirements. It is important to keep in mind, however, that an employer might prefer candidates with college degrees for positions that involve supervising or training other interviewers.

The skills you possess are likely to prove more important than your education when you want to become a market research interviewer. In most cases, a prospective employer will expect you to have excellent communication skills. This is critical, as you will have to ask clear questions and record the answers exactly as they are presented to you once you become a market research interviewer. If an interviewee is expected to read a questionnaire and write his own answers, you will probably still have to provide him with clear instructions for doing so.

A prospective employer may also prove more likely to hire you if you demonstrate that you are organized and capable of following instructions. Your organizational skills may prove important for keeping questionnaires and other documents in order. Your ability to follow instructions is critical as well, as your employer will likely have a precise method for conducting interviews.

Some types of previous work experience may also prove helpful when you want to become a market research interviewer. These include positions in which you have worked with the public or handled administrative duties. For example, if you have past experience as a secretary or customer service representative, this may prove helpful in landing this job. Employers might consider past sales experience favorably as well. If you do not have such experience, however, you can still land this job, as many employers offer hands-on training.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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