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How do I Become a Management Consultant?

N. Kalu
N. Kalu

To become a management consultant, you must obtain at least a bachelor's degree at an accredited university. It is advisable to apply to and attend one of the more prominent universities in your country. With regards to majors, aspiring management consultants do not need to major in any particular subject, although having a firm understanding of corporate dynamics would be beneficial. Many consultants are self-employed, so learning how to start and maintain a business would be useful to you as you make your way through the field of management consulting.

In the United States, many students who graduate from Ivy League schools aspire to become management consultants because these careers are among the few where beginning professionals are able to truly make a large impact on a variety of corporate organizations. Top university students all over the world are recruited by management consulting firms because of their ability to learn quickly and apply challenging concepts to real world, high stakes situations. Graduating from a well-known, prestigious university may help you tremendously if you aspire to become a management consultant.

Business consultants should be experienced and experts in their field.
Business consultants should be experienced and experts in their field.

Those who want to study management effectiveness need not major in any particular subject. Management consultant firms do not put much weight in students' majors. Instead, they consider the grades that the students have received, their communication skills, and how well they progress through the rigorous management consulting interview process. If you want to become a management consultant, it is then absolutely critical that you obtain outstanding grades in whichever major you choose.

Preparing for the interview process is also advisable. Management consulting firms are notorious for asking trick questions, such as "How many potholes are there in Manhattan?" or "How many marbles would it take to fill the Atlantic Ocean?" Such questions are intentionally designed to test your critical thinking skills. The answer that you give is not nearly as important as clearly communication the steps you have taken to answer said question.

If you did not attend a well-known university or are not approached by and offered a position with a consulting firm, you can choose to start your own management consulting firm. Learn about your area's rules of incorporation and consult with any local commerce associations. It is also a good idea to network with other entrepreneurial management consultants who can advise you on how to best set up an independent management consulting firm and become a management consultant.

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    • Business consultants should be experienced and experts in their field.
      By: paylessimages
      Business consultants should be experienced and experts in their field.