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How Do I Become a Licensing Administrator?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

A licensing administrator may work for one of several different types of employers, including government agencies as well as private businesses. As such, licensing administrator duties vary considerably. To become a licensing administrator, you will need to meet the requirements set by a specific employer. These may include educational degrees, experience in the industry in which you will be administering licenses, and experience with administrative work.

In the private sector, a licensing administrator may be in charge of ensuring that a company holds and maintains proper licenses that are required for doing business. Another possibility is that the administrator works for a company that employs individuals who must be licensed to practice a certain trade or profession. In either context, to become a licensing administrator, you will need to develop an understanding of the licensing requirements in the jurisdictions in which the business or its employees operate. It is also extremely important that you be able to demonstrate to a hiring manager that you are capable of developing and maintaining administrative processes that allow you to track the licensing process as well as ensure that licenses are regularly renewed.

A licensing administrator working.
A licensing administrator working.

Also necessary to become a licensing administrator in the private sector is the ability to work well with state regulators and licensing authorities. Undergoing training in performing legal and regulatory research is often a good idea, as licensing requirements can change frequently and are not always well understood by business owners. Many private companies are eager to hire licensing administrators who already have experience working for government agencies.

If you wish to become a licensing administrator for a government agency, the requirements may differ from those in the private sector. Many governments establish strict qualification guidelines for individuals who wish to take on government jobs. You may find that there is a significant difference between the policies in different government agencies and that these may differ according to jurisdiction. You may need to start your career path by taking an entry-level position in a licensing agency and becoming familiar with the regulations and practices of the licensing body.

In some areas, a licensing administrator may have significant and comprehensive job duties that may extend beyond approving and issuing licenses. For example, if you work for a very small agency department, you may be in charge of not only enforcing licensing standards, but also of approving educational programs that prepare people for various types of licensing. To become a licensing administrator in such areas, you may need to demonstrate not only superlative administrative skills, but also a background in either education or public policy.

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    • A licensing administrator working.
      By: Elenathewise
      A licensing administrator working.