How Do I Become a Legal Recruiter?

T. L. Childree
T. L. Childree
Recruiting in the legal field requires extensive education and work experience.
Recruiting in the legal field requires extensive education and work experience.

A legal recruiter locates and screens prospective candidates for vacant attorney positions. A bachelor’s degree is typically required to begin training for this specialized career. Along with a four-year degree, you must also have human resource work experience to become a legal recruiter. Most employers prefer that you earn a law degree as well. You can become a legal recruiter for a staffing agency or law firm after completing all educational and work experience requirements.

Recruiting in the legal field is a highly specialized profession that requires extensive education and work experience. These professionals work with prospective employees and law firms to fill vacant attorney positions. They conduct lengthy searches and interviews to find the best possible candidate. Although legal recruiters work primarily with job seekers, they must also have a good working relationship with many different law firms. With that in mind, you must possess outstanding human resource skills and have a thorough knowledge of the legal profession to become a legal recruiter.

Begin your career by earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. It is best to major in a subject such as business or psychology to become a legal recruiter. A degree in communications or English may also be acceptable. Coursework in human resources may also give you a competitive advantage. Your college training should equip you with the speaking, writing, and assessment skills necessary for dealing with well-educated clients.

Legal recruiters must have a certain amount of human resource experience as well. One approach is to participate in an internship during your college training. It is best to begin working in the human resources department of a law firm. This internship can provide an opportunity to learn the various aspects of recruiting and hiring new employees. The practical work experience gained from a college internship will very beneficial when you become a legal recruiter.

You may also need to earn a law degree before you can become a legal recruiter. This degree can usually be completed in three years and will prepare you for further on-the-job training. In general, this is because a comprehensive understanding of the legal profession is necessary in this career. This type of work experience can be gained by successfully completing law school and practicing law for a period of time. Your own experience in job hunting as an attorney will offer unique insight into the needs of other job seekers and their employers.

After meeting all necessary educational and work experience requirements, you should seek an entry-level, legal recruiter position. This will allow you to hone your skills by recruiting and placing paralegals and support personal in various law firms. You will probably be responsible for developing recruiting strategies, screening potential candidates, and conducting personal interviews. After mastering these techniques, you may wish to advance your career by seeking employment as a legal recruiter with a larger staffing agency or large law firm. You may also want to consider working as an independent legal recruiter after several years.

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    • Recruiting in the legal field requires extensive education and work experience.
      By: vgstudio
      Recruiting in the legal field requires extensive education and work experience.