How do I Become a Landscaping Contractor?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
The physical work of landscaping is done by a landscape contractor.
The physical work of landscaping is done by a landscape contractor.

To become a landscaping contractor, you will first generally need to learn about landscaping either through on-the-job training or an educational course and then, depending where you live, qualify for and receive a landscaping contractor license. In many cases, you will not need to complete formal education to become a landscaping contractor because the job is perhaps more easily learned by actually performing the work. Educational programs are available to help you develop new skills and acquire knowledge that can assist you in furthering your career. In many places, you will be expected to obtain a professional license in order to perform specific landscaping duties or to operate a landscaping firm.

Probably the quickest way to become a landscaping contractor is to get a job working for a landscaping company. You can begin to learn about landscaping by actually performing basic landscaping duties and eventually learning the trade from your superiors. As you increase your experience and knowledge, you'll be better able to supervise other landscaping workers and develop the management skills necessary to run your own landscaping business. You may also find it useful to take courses in botany and horticulture at trade schools or universities, as these courses may assist you in better serving your customers. You may even be able to complete more advanced education in landscape architecture, which can greatly increase your earning potential.

In some places, anyone can become a landscaping contractor simply by offering his or her services to the public. Some areas restrict the practice of some landscaping duties as well as the title of landscaping contractor to those who have completed licensing requirements. Licensing requirements vary by jurisdiction and may require you to pass a licensing exam or a background check. You may need to obtain additional licensing if in the course of your landscaping practice you handle or administer chemical pesticides. In some cases, you may also need to purchase liability insurance that covers your practice and the actions of your employees.

Landscapers can belong to professional associations that may issue certification to landscaping contractors. Obtaining this type of certification can help you become a landscaping contractor in those areas that do not require licensure, as people may feel more comfortable hiring your company because of your certification. In other cases, the certification may be recognized by licensing boards as sufficient evidence of your training and knowledge and may help you get your license more quickly.

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    • The physical work of landscaping is done by a landscape contractor.
      By: alinamd
      The physical work of landscaping is done by a landscape contractor.