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How Do I Become a Key Technician?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

A key technician, or a locksmith, is responsible for a variety of tasks relating to keys and locks. The skills needed to become a key technician are usually best learned through an approved training course. Many locksmiths work for themselves, which means you could need to do certain things in relation to setting up a business. You will likely need to invest in certain tools and equipment to perform the basic key technician requirements. Once you have the necessary skills, you should begin making others aware of your qualifications so they can hire you when the need arises.

There are special schools that operate solely to provide key technician training. One of these programs might teach you how to cut keys, install locks, or break into them when an owner is locked out of a home or automobile. These schools operate online or via correspondence course; however, you may not get the benefit of hands on training if your studies include one of these methods. A traditional school is normally recommended, and if the school requires an apprenticeship program this could provide you with the experience you need to become a key technician.

A car key.
A car key.

If you plan to become self-employed, you will likely need to apply for a business license. The requirements are based on local laws, and your local economic development board can normally advise you on how to do this. You could also need a tax identification number for your business along with a separate bank account for company funds.

When you become a key technician, you might need to carry certain tools with you when you go on calls. Some tools are designed to help you enter a locked vehicle, while others are ideal for disassembling household locks. You could also need to keep some basic parts with you, so you may want to build an inventory of hinges and door handles. It is normally a good idea to have a key cutter in your shop so you can make copies of keys when walk-in customers drop by your location.

A skeleton key.
A skeleton key.

Word of mouth advertisement is the best way to attract customers when you become a key technician. Be sure to let your friends and acquaintances know of your new business venture; you may also want to place a sign on your automobile. Other ways to advertise are through a phone directory, by mailing flyers, or via the Internet.

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    • A car key.
      A car key.
    • A skeleton key.
      A skeleton key.
    • A key technician may use a laser key cutting machine.
      By: 00Ffilip
      A key technician may use a laser key cutting machine.