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How Do I Become a Gre® Tutor?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

In order to become a GRE® tutor, a person first needs to obtain an impressive GRE® score. Next, it is important to gain an understanding of how the test works in more depth than might have been required to take the test. Learning about test-taking skills, educational strategies, and other related topics can also be helpful when trying to become a GRE® tutor. Some tutors work independently, but many work through tutoring companies. Applying to these companies and successfully completing training is typically the last step when trying to become a GRE® tutor.

GRE® tutors must often have extremely competitive GRE® scores. Many tutoring companies demand that applicants possess scores in the 99th percentile. For independent tutoring, a lower score may be acceptable. In this type of tutoring job, a good score indicates a person's comprehension of the material. If possible, tutors should demonstrate repeated excellence in the GRE® by taking it multiple times over several years.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Tutoring requires skills other than an understanding of the GRE® material. In order to become a GRE® tutor, a person must also be able to teach. Providing instruction in test-taking strategies may require additional training, as different strategies work for different people. It is important to be able to help students who have learning styles that differ from your own.

In order to teach others how to take the GRE®, it is very important that a tutor understand how the GRE® works in its most recent incarnation. This may include details about how the test is scored or what the testing facilities are like. For some people, small variables can make a large difference when taking tests. Tutors must aim to provide students with knowledge and strategies to use in the absence of knowledge.

One of the hardest parts of trying to become a GRE® tutor is actually finding a job. Even people who have high test scores are not always capable of helping others to improve their scores. Applying to multiple tutoring agencies and advertising your services on college campuses can help bring in work more quickly. In certain cases, taking some freelance assignments can also make an applicant more appealing to a tutoring company.

When working for a tutoring company, there may be significant amounts of training involved. Successful completion of this training is very important when trying to become a GRE® tutor. Once training has been completed, attentively performing tutoring duties is essential to keeping your job. Many people work as GRE® tutors part time, but some people are able to turn this type of work into a full-time profession.

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very helpful article! Do you know if there are any certification courses one could take to help them develop qualifications as a GRE tutor, or other similar GRE teacher training programs?

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book