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How Do I Become a Gerbil Breeder?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

You do not need any special certification or licensing in order to become a gerbil breeder, but you do need to have a nuanced understanding of this particular animal as well as the resources to care for many gerbils. In some areas, special breeder credentials or certifications may be available, and these special qualifications may make potential owners more likely to adopt from you. Most people who breed gerbils do so in order to sell these animals as pets, given that gerbil shows are somewhat rare. In order to become a gerbil breeder for financial gain, you must tap into the desires of your customer base and determine what types of gerbils sell best.

The first step you need to take in order to become a gerbil breeder is to educate yourself. Gerbil nutrition, genetics, and behavior are all important subjects to consider when breeding these animals. If you know a lot about gerbils from owning these animals as pets, you may already know how to care for the animals in a general sense, but caring for pregnant mothers and litters can present new difficulties. Reading books and articles on this topic typically provides enough preparation to become a gerbil breeder.

A gerbil.
A gerbil.

Next you must acquire all the materials and resources you will need in order to breed gerbils. A tank for holding the gerbils is required, as is bedding, food, and heating elements. Once you have all these materials, you also need to select a breeding pair for your first litter. When you are starting out, it is usually best to raise only a single litter at a time so that you can determine a strategy that works best for you. Choosing a good breeding pair is the most important decision you make when you become a gerbil breeder, as the quality and compatibility of the parents determines the quality of the offspring.

Gerbils are interesting pets and are commonly owned by young children. For this reason, most gerbil breeders aim for extremely tame and sociable gerbils over any other trait. Breeders can socialize gerbils from a young age by holding the animals and ensuring that any ill-tempered animals are left out of future mating pairs. This is a major responsibility for breeders as the actual owners usually do not acquire very young pets.

Once you have perfected the art of breeding gerbils, you are, in many ways, a gerbil breeder. Even so, for most people there is a financial goal involved in breeding gerbils. You must be able to breed gerbils that you can actually sell. To accomplish this, you need to market your animals, keep track of your finances, and possibly even partner with a pet store. Having an innovative business plan can help you become a successful gerbil breeder.

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    • A gerbil.
      By: LockStockBob
      A gerbil.