How Do I Become a Furrier?

Malcolm Tatum

Choosing a career as a furrier can be a very rewarding decision. Fortunately, the process that can help an individual to become a furrier is very straightforward and can be accomplished in relatively little time, especially if that person already has a basic working knowledge of how to evaluate different types of fur products. With a little formal training and a talent for choosing the best fur coats, stoles and other fur products, it is possible to enjoy a lucrative income and meet many interesting people.

Furriers should be trained to choose the best fur for coats.
Furriers should be trained to choose the best fur for coats.

People who already have an innate interest in pelts and furs have a head start if they choose to become a furrier. Having at least some understanding of the differences between different types of pelts and furs such as the texture and quality will make it much easier to grasp the information that is presented during the training. Even if the potential furrier does not know a great deal at the time he or she begins to undergo training, a strong interest in learning all about furs will go a long way toward making the training time practical as well as rewarding.

Finding the right type of training is essential for anyone who wants to become a furrier. There are essentially two ways to go about this process. One approach is to become an apprentice for a successful furrier. This method offers the benefit of being able to absorb knowledge in a real world setting, providing the chance to not only hone the skills necessary to evaluate and select furs properly but also get some idea of how to run a furrier business. A second approach is to take a training course offered at a local vocational school, then seek to secure a position with a furrier. This second method offers the benefit of arriving at the furrier’s with at least some working knowledge, which may in turn expedite the process of building on that knowledge courtesy of the established furrier’s vast range of experience.

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Once you decide to become a furrier and complete your education, you can decide if you want to open your own business or continue to work for someone else. There are benefits to both arrangements, making each option worthy of consideration. For people who have a talent for selecting furs but are not particularly effective when it comes to running a business, working for someone else and not having to deal with the business end may be the best bet. If you do become a furrier and also exhibit the skills necessary to running your own company, then establishing your own shop or clearing house may be a very rewarding approach to living out that dream to become a furrier that is well-known and respected in the industry.

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