How Do I Become a Fry Cook?

L.K. Blackburn

Fry cooks are hired by family restaurants, fast food establishments, and cafeterias to prepare, cook, and serve food to customers. In many situations, when you are hired to become a fry cook you may take on many different jobs within the restaurant and kitchen. You can become a fry cook by submitting an application to a restaurant and earning experience working in different roles within the kitchen. Prior experience is usually not necessary to become a fry cook, though a previous history working in the kitchen of a restaurant will help you in the job application process.

Fry cooks work in restaurant kitchens.
Fry cooks work in restaurant kitchens.

The best way to find a job as a fry cook often is to visit restaurants in your area and ask them if they are currently hiring for the position. It is probably a good idea to visit during off-peak hours so you do not bother the staff or management with your request. Often, a good time to check is during the slower hours between lunch and dinner. You can bring a resume with you, but the restaurant may have their own application you will need to fully fill out. It will typically ask for your education level, work history, contact information, and personal references, so make sure to have all the information available before asking for an application.

A fry cook may prepare french fries.
A fry cook may prepare french fries.

Once your application has been submitted, if the restaurant is looking for a new employee to become a fry cook they may contact you for an interview. You should dress formally in typical interview attire and bring a copy of your resume to the meeting. During the interview, be prepared to discuss experiences from your previous jobs that will relate to your wish to become a fry cook and explain how you will succeed in the role. Fast food cooks within a restaurant operate under time constraints and pressure, especially when there are special orders, so having examples of times you excelled in stressful situations will help you to receive your first entry level cook job.

Fry cooks may work shifts around the clock and on the weekends, so having a flexible schedule is usually necessary and is something a restaurant looks for when they are hiring. It is possible to work as a fast food cook as a part-time job while you are still receiving your education. The job will usually require long hours of standing in one position, and may include other duties within the restaurant such as light cleaning and serving customers.

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