How Do I Become a French Linguist?

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French linguists are individuals who scientifically study this world language with the purpose of completing research, educating students, or translating foreign words. These individuals need to have solid writing and reading skills in addition to being self-driven and analytical. If you wish to become a French linguist, you must complete four years of college beyond high school during which you take courses in the areas of speech concepts and French. You also have to consider acquiring industry experience through an internship, as this makes you more attractive to hiring managers when you embark in this career field.

A person who wants to become a French linguist should complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in linguistics with an additional major or minor in French. To enroll in this type of college program, you have to send in your high school transcript and standardized test scores. You additionally need to turn in a completed admission application as well as your high school diploma or the equivalent certification.

Speech-related classes give you the basic skills that you need to perform well in this industry. For example, courses go over phonics, or how to link letters with certain sounds when speaking words. You also should learn how to combine concepts such as syntax, or the arrangement of words, with computer science principles to create mathematical models of language theories. This will help you to successfully study French from a scientific viewpoint when you become a French linguist.

Courses on the specifics of the French language are also necessary to enter this career area. You must study how this world language has developed and strive to understand how to express words and phrases in the language both verbally and in writing. Learning how to translate French words into those of another language such as English also prepares you to complete job duties as you strive to become a French linguist. Instructors should be able to help you to improve your reading and grammar skills in this classic language.

Acquiring practical field experience demonstrates to future employers that you are serious about this area of study and are qualified to work in a professional capacity in the field. As part of your training to become a French linguist, you could intern as a language researcher or teacher as well as an interpreter or translator. Your college’s career services department can inform you about organizations in your area that are willing to work with an intern in this vocational area.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing