How do I Become a Floor Supervisor?

Erin J. Hill

A floor supervisor oversees, directs, plans, implements and coordinates employee activities and projects in a firm. This person also keeps track of employee attendance and takes disciplinary actions when necessary. To get started in this rewarding career field, you must exhibit several qualities that employers desire as well as actively market yourself as an industry professional to attract the company you wish to work for.

Floor supervisors can be promoted into their jobs.
Floor supervisors can be promoted into their jobs.

You may become a floor supervisor as a matter of chance by working for a company for several years and eventually being promoted to the position. This route can take time, and you must exhibit extreme attention to detail, organizational skills and earn the respect of your colleagues. Although it is a longer route to attaining the position, it is the best bet for those who do not have a college degree.

Many jobs are often listed in the local newspaper classifieds.
Many jobs are often listed in the local newspaper classifieds.

If you have already obtained a degree, whether two- or four-year, it may still be required that you gain some experience within a specific industry before you can become a floor supervisor. This is especially true if you did not study a related field. Once you have learned the ins and outs of a particular company, your degree may help you climb the ladder of success faster than someone who does not have a college education.

For those who have not yet been to college or chosen a major, you can increase your chances to become a floor supervisor by studying a related field. This can include classes within the industry you'd like to work in, such as investing or economics, or general a business management course. Either of these routes can be highly beneficial in getting the job you want.

Once you feel you have obtained the necessary education or experience, look for a job by searching through classifieds, online job boards and by networking with potential employers. If there is a particular company you have in mind, don’t be afraid to give them a call to discuss potential employment opportunities. Job fairs are another valuable resource to job hunters, as well as networking with former or current friends, coworkers and family members.

Create a resume to use in your job search, and write it so that the information is relevant to helping you become floor supervisor. In other words, include all management, planning, industry or organization experience in past jobs and in personal experience. You can leave out anything that is not relevant to the field, unless you do not have sufficient managerial experience.

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