How Do I Become a Fire Sprinkler Inspector?

Dan Cavallari

Before you can become a fire sprinkler inspector, you will need to gain experience in the field of fire sprinkler installation, maintenance, and repair. You will also need to undergo specific training and pass certification exams that will allow you to work as a fire sprinkler inspector. This job can be complex and will require you to develop specific knowledge in the field, so before you take steps to become an inspector, it is best to work your way up through lower-level positions. In some cases, you may need to hold an engineering degree in order to be considered for the job.

A fire sprinkler inspector is responsible for keeping sprinkler systems in good working order.
A fire sprinkler inspector is responsible for keeping sprinkler systems in good working order.

This is not always the case, however, and you can often learn all the skills you need through on the job training. It is likely that you will start with an apprenticeship that will help you become a technician; during this time, you will work under the guidance and supervision of an experienced professional who can teach you the necessary skills to be successful in the field. Your apprenticeship can last several years, and once you are done, you can become a journeyman technician. You will probably need to hold this position for several years before you can become a fire sprinkler inspector.

Once you have gained adequate experience in the field, you can begin to take the next steps to become a fire sprinkler inspector. This may include job shadowing a current inspector, registering for exam preparation classes, taking the necessary licensing tests and exams, and registering with any labor unions or professional organizations as required by a specific hiring company or governing body. Upon successful completion of the various requirements, you will likely need to undergo yet another trainee period, during which you will work with a current inspector to gain further skills and knowledge in the field. The duration of this trainee period can also vary depending on several factors, including local laws and regulations as well as your past experience and training.

You may also be able to get a job as a fire sprinkler inspector if you have expertise in a related field. If, for example, you have been a firefighter for several years, you may be able to take the testing examinations to become a fire sprinkler inspector, though you will need to do some research into the various requirements outlined by your local or federal government. The requirements can vary, which means paths to become an inspector can vary as well.

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