How Do I Become a Financial Service Representative?

D. Nelson

A financial service representative is a professional who works for a financial institution, such as an investment firm, bank, or credit union, and specializes in advising clients. Service representatives in banks, for example, might assist clients in opening accounts. Professionals who work with investments might guide clients through potential market risks and opportunities for gains and help them to develop portfolios that fit their financial status. To become a financial service representative, it can be helpful to first get an education that instructs you in essential financial principles and terminology. It may also be necessary to compose a resume and go through the interview process.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

In most locations, no degrees or certifications are required to become a financial service representative. At the same time, however, most employers do prefer to hire applicants who have at least an undergraduate degree in a related field. Degrees in finance, economics, or management can be very helpful. Job applicants who have graduate degrees might find that it is easier to move up in a company and to earn higher pay.

Many financial service representative positions are entry level, meaning that they are offered to individuals who are just starting in the field. There may be different levels of service representative positions, such as associate versus management positions. If you are just starting in this career, it may be realistic to count on an entry level job.

To become a financial service representative, it is usually necessary to fill out an application and compose a resume. An application might contain your basic contact information and work and educational experience. A resume should be more detailed. Along with names of employers and positions, a resume might also include specific duties as well as skills learned in those positions. If applicable, you should also include any honors or awards you have received, such as scholarships or valuable employee recognition.

You may also need to provide letters of reference to become a financial service representative. These letters should be written by professors, employers, and coworkers who can say positive things about you and your work performance. It is always a good idea to tell your references which kinds of jobs you are applying for when you ask for a letter, this way they can point out relevant skills and proficiencies.

Interviews are normally required of any individual who would like to become a financial service representative. There may be a series of interviews with managers and executives or there may be one interview with several management professionals at once. Prior to an interview, it can be helpful if you research a company to learn about their values and general culture.

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