How Do I Become a Fence Installer?

Dan Cavallari

No formal education is necessary to become a fence installer, though it often helps to have a high school diploma when looking for jobs. You will need basic math skills and some science skills as well, though most of the techniques involved in installing fence can be taught to you on the job. A great way to prepare yourself to become a fence installer is to work in a wood shop or gain some type of carpentry skills; being familiar with commonly used tools will also help you prepare for this job.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

It is a good idea to apply for a job at a fence installation company if you want to become a fence installer. You may not start out as an installer, but you will be able to work your way up in the company quickly if you work hard and learn the skills quickly. You may end up working as a driver, delivery person, counter help, or customer service representative, but if you express your desire to become a fence installer, it will probably be possible for you to learn those skills on the job and eventually achieve your goal. Show up on time to work, be pleasant and hard working, and show your supervisors that are you are ready and willing to learn the skills you need to become a fence installer.

At some point, you will work directly with an experienced installer who can show you the techniques used during installation. This may include meeting with customers, surveying the land for potential obstacles, taking measurements of the land to determine how much fencing is needed, determining what types of fences are possible and best used for that land, and eventually going through the installation process of the fencing. This process will include digging post holes, pouring concrete, installing posts, installing panels, and so on.

If you cannot find a job with an established fence installer, it is possible to start your own business, but this is a more difficult path to take. You will need to develop the skills on your own, and you will need to learn as much as possible about running a business before you become a fence installer. You will be responsible for securing funding for your business, establishing a client base, hiring employees, setting up accounts with employers, and obtaining all the necessary certifications and permits for running the business.

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