How Do I Become a Failure Analysis Engineer?

YaShekia King

Failure analysis engineers are experts who figure out why electrical products malfunction and how to improve the function of these items. A person who wishes to become a failure analysis engineer needs to complete four years of college training and acquire practical field experience. An engineer who analyzes product failures must possess solid problem-solving and research skills as well. In addition, he or she must be able to work well alone and in a team setting.

The ability to work well in a team setting is crucial to becoming a failure analysis engineer.
The ability to work well in a team setting is crucial to becoming a failure analysis engineer.

If you would like to become a failure analysis engineer, you need to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in engineering with a focus on electrical engineering. Before you can begin training, you have to submit your high school diploma or the equivalent certification to your college of choice. Colleges additionally require that you submit your high school transcript, scores from standardized tests, and a completed admissions application.

Courses in electronics are critical for an aspiring engineer who focuses on why problems occur in various devices. While in your post-secondary training program, you should take courses on how electricity and circuits work as well as the qualities of electromagnetic fields. You must use these concepts often if you wish to become a failure analysis engineer because this job will require you to identify defects in electro-mechanical products and determine why certain electrical components do not work properly.

College training programs in electrical engineering also feature laboratory classes that allow you to apply classroom principles to hands-on projects. Your lab courses should give you the chance to build or solder electrical circuits and use a variety of electronic instruments that measure properties such as current and voltage, which you must master to become a failure analysis engineer. Gaining this experience will prepare you to help companies to identify areas of failure in electrical products that customers return as well as those that failed during a company’s quality testing stages.

Employers often look for engineers who have had real-world experience in failure analysis, so completing an internship in the field will create more job opportunities for you. Internships are available at sites such as those of automotive suppliers and engineering firms. During your internship, your supervisor should allow you to produce detailed product analysis reports. You also need to take advantage of opportunities to give verbal presentations to company officials, which will help you to hone the oral communication skills that you need to become a failure analysis engineer.

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